Easy on the eyes

Monday 18 July 2011

Hopefully I am self aware enough to identify many of my faults, but one that any reader of the first three posts of this site would have been exposed to would be my somewhat lacking design skills. To resolve this wrongdoing I have taken inspiration from a colour-scheme that I have been using for a while now in quite a few of the applications that I use on a day to day basis (Vim/MacVim, iTerm2 and even OmniFocus) to update the look of my blog (yes, I know the design is still quite rudimentary, but I’ll get there one day).

The colour-scheme is named Solarized by Ethan Schoonover and has been making quite a few ripples amongst geeks on the web. I believe it really started spreading after appearing on Hacker News, but I could be horribly wrong about that. Anyway, regardless of how it came to my knowledge, it is really one of the nicest colour-schemes that I have used for a while. It also comes in a light or dark theme to suit whatever mood you happen to be in at the time (I’m talking about Solarized - the colour-scheme in this instance - not this site).

And so after a few months of use I thought why not apply it to this site to improve its looks somewhat. I think it’s an improvement and I hope you do too. If you spend any amount of time in a text editor/terminal/IDE, I strongly recommend downloading the appropriate theme and giving it a try. I’m sure your retinas will thank you for it. Also check out the official project on GitHub if you feel like porting the colour-scheme to your favourite app and sharing the love.

Hi, I'm Mark

I'm a developer from Cape Town and this is my blog, a little corner of the internet all of my own. It's not very cosy yet, but it's getting there.

I'm a latecomer to the wonders of Rails, a student of Ruby, an agile proponent, a lover of all things web, an Apple enthusiast and, occasionally, a runner.