Execution over ideas

Monday 07 February 2011

Lately I’ve been thinking quite a bit about execution over ideas. Not consciously thinking about it, but rather other ideas floating around in my head have sort of massaged themselves together into this one central thought. It is a concept stressed often in technology; one I’m trying to embrace. It’s hard. Especially when there is much to learn and time is so limited.

The creation and planned evolution of this blog feels like an ideal chance to exercise this concept in the real world (so to speak).

For example, I must have drafted up a first blog post a number of times. In fact, if I had to tally the number of initial drafts on my hands I would probably run out of digits. Besides drafting up an initial post, I also had the distraction of choosing how to distribute my thoughts. I tried setting up different blogging engines and even began writing my own one before deciding on the current setup mentioned in my previous post.


When it comes to execution, there is nothing better than being accountable in order to motivate yourself. Often taking into account “the quality factor” is a trick that the mind plays to distract you from executing. It’s often easy to delay doing something until “it’s just right” (a trap I’m frequently caught by). With that in mind I think a bi-monthly post of questionable quality is an achievable goal. The content might not be relevant or coherently explained, but practice is ultimately the only way to better yourself at anything.

A brief history of inspiration

Jeffrey Zeldman is a person that I greatly admire on the web. His fame has been documented elsewhere much more thoroughly than I could hope to achieve here, so I’ll just point you in his vague direction.

The reason I mention Mr Zeldman above is that it is my understanding that his blog started in an iterative fashion, one that I’d like to emulate. It literally started with content first and was then fleshed out from there by adding design and other features around it. An iterative process that over time has resulted in a blog that is followed by many at zeldman.com. I personally found that particular insight into how he created his blog inspirational, however anecdotal it might be. It is an approach that fully embraces execution over ideas. Looks like it works pretty well.

Hi, I'm Mark

I'm a developer from Cape Town and this is my blog, a little corner of the internet all of my own. It's not very cosy yet, but it's getting there.

I'm a latecomer to the wonders of Rails, a student of Ruby, an agile proponent, a lover of all things web, an Apple enthusiast and, occasionally, a runner.